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CABRINI Day - Patron Saint of the Immigrants

October 06, 2020 2 min read

The team here is always looking for ways people are showing LOVE, expressing gratitude, and giving back. Along with the state of Colorado, we’re excited to be celebrating the inaugural Colorado Cabrini Day today, a day that honors Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini. After learning more, this is a day we’ll be marking each year, and we wanted to share about it with you! 

Mother Cabrini was the first American citizen canonized by the Catholic Church after contributing so much to the world around her. Born in 1850 in Italy, she became an educator with the Daughters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. 

She came to America in 1889 with seven other sisters at the suggestion of Pope Leo XIII. Determined to better the lives of Italian immigrants in America, the sisters opened convents and archdioceses in Chicago, Denver, Newark, Seattle and Los Angeles, Brooklyn and Scranton.  

As a champion of immigrants and the poor, the women sought to uplift and unite them through kindness, compassion, and community-centered activities. In return, they contributed to American prosperity in countless ways.

This might be the first time you’ve celebrated Mother Cabrini, so here are five key reasons to recognize the holiday this year, fromHistory Colorado:

  1. To honor an amazing humanitarian 
  1. To acknowledge the impact of a woman’s life dedicated to the service of others, and by extension all women including those who have had an impact on your life
  2. To remember and show gratitude 
  3. To look for what unites us while also celebrating and respecting our differences
  4. Because the smallest action can have a big impact

My hope is that we’ll all take a cue from Saint Cabrini. Let’s remember to be a little kinder, show more compassion, and look for ways to improve the communities we live in!

I want you to know how grateful I am for YOU and the LOVE you’ve shown to us and the world around you. With your support, we’ve continued to provide our artisans with fair and ethical wages, educational opportunities, and healthcare to improve the quality of their lives. They take pride in preserving their heritage craftsmanship and in sharing their history with the world. It’s such a beautiful win-win!

Share with us: what is something that you’re grateful for?

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