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What’s Your Sign?

May 23, 2018 1 min read

You might say the designs for our newest collection were written in the stars.

Everyone has a preferred reading order. You know what we mean: if you pick up a newspaper, a magazine, or a book, how do you read it? Some are strictly chronological. Some search for headlines. If you’re Harry Burns, you read the last page first . Us? We go straight to the horoscopes.

Our appreciation for horoscopes run deep. They’re entertaining, sure, but more than that, they’re a tool for introspection, improvement, and developing self-LOVE. We are fully onboard with the weekly horoscopes in your publication of choice, but we’re also avid followers of astrologers-by-trade that have made it their mission to spread the wisdom of the Zodiac throughout the blogosphere.

The Astrology Zone by Susan Miller is an excellent primer on the power of astrology, while The Galactic Gogo offers interesting background info on the current positioning of the planets. For daily or weekly horoscopes, we like Chani Nicholas and Astro Style . If you’re looking for something a little more hands-on, Daniel Giamario offers experiential horoscopes from iPhone readings to full-on group trips.

We’ve distilled these talented astrologers’ teachings into the Zodiac collection, designed to let you tap into your inner powers with colors that enhance personality characteristics of the wearer. Leos, we’ll help you be brave. Pisces: we’re here to help rejuvenate. From Taurus to Aquarius (and every sign in between), these seed bead bracelets are the new power beads.

Star sign bracelets by Love Is Project horoscope scorpio virgo cancer sagittarius aries aquarius libra leo gemini pisces taurus capricorn

Wondering what your power color is?
Come and get your horoscope (and matching LOVE bracelet)


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