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Impact in Lombok - Indonesia

April 25, 2019 1 min read

Shout out to our partners! In August of 2018, a devastating earthquake struck Lombok, an Indonesian island east of Bali, leaving nearby villages destroyed and without permanent shelter for up to a year. Residents couldn’t return home for weeks, and had to organize base camps until it was safe to go back and begin rebuilding.

Two villages, Lekok and Agung, were heavily impacted. They struggled to find shelter, food, and water. Everything was strictly rationed and overly expensive. Our factory partner, the Sewing Room, which produces our totes in Java knew they had to do something to help.

During their first trip to Lekok, they packed a truck with as many goods as they could, and with the help of friends, they were able to do even more. They hauled tents, rice, water, blankets, clothes, baby beds, toys, and food in a fully packed car up to people in Lombok, all of whom were thrilled to receive the help.

The Sewing Room is continuing to send them love and resources, and are working with locals to organize more tents and baby beds for shelter.

Love Is Project helps Lombok Indonesia


Purchasing LOVE canvas totes makes it possible for us to bring supplies, awareness, and support to villages like Lombok. Every time you shop with us, you’re doing your part. Thank you for your continued support. <3


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