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Reunited in Kenya

September 05, 2021 3 min read

Coming back to Kenya after being away for over two years rejuvenated my soul. It was wonderful to reconnect with old friends and see many of the Maasai and Samburu mamas we work with. Spending time the bush, watching roaming animals during sunset against the savannah and sharing in songs and dance with the women made me so happy! I'll be sharing more stories in the coming weeks, but here are a few memorable moments.

love is project beadworks kenya aragae lebonyo samburu

One of the highlights of my trip with Beadworks to Kalama, was meeting Aragae Lebonyo, Samburu star beader from Sera Conservancy. She greeted me with a big smile and wearing her intricate Lkiripa (necklace) which she hand beaded the word LOVE into, just like our Love Is Project bracelets! So stunning! She's wearing LOVE everyday!

Dance Samburu

manyatta Sambura Laikipia

During my visit to Laikipia, the land was so dry and arid. They told me it hadn't rained in over eight months.  That night, I took part in a Samburu song and rain dance ceremony with the women and it started pouring. It worked!

However, they need many more rainy days like this grow more vegetation for all their livestock to graze on. All of their husbands were gone for months looking for pastures for the animals to feed on, leaving the women to take care of themselves and their kids.

The sheep we donated last year to the women have started breeding which has helped out greatly by providing milk to their families.

Abigail and chrissie love is project

I met Abby (in the blue) in 2013 and we created the first LOVE bracelet together in Ngong. She hosted us at her bomas (home) and prepared a delicious goat feast for us. She's working with a group of moms that have special needs kids. Abby is a hardworker, an excellent beader and a great organizer. The goats we donated to the group last year are also multiplying here! 

Abby and her dog Tonny Love Is Project

Abby and her daughter, Jocabed Milanoi, and dog, Tonny.

Love Is Project Grace Ngong Maasai

When I met Grace in Ngong Hills eight years ago, I immediately noticed her  incredible smile and energy. She's was one of our first Maasai cover girls! We caught up over some goat and chapati at Abby's and I gave her a copy of the photo book she is in. 

maasai ladies reading The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

"Hey! That's Ruth!" The ladies recognizing their friends in the book.

Sammy and Martha Love Is Project

Over the hill, we visited Sammy, his wife, Martha and all the ladies he works with. I've known Sammy for eight years as well and it has been fantastic to see how the project has improved his family and the women's lives he works with. 

The Love Grows gardens are still moving along here. The women figured out a better way to farm with less water using pyramid set up, so the water is drains down from the top. They would like to try more poultry farming in the future and have plans to use their income to fund this initiative.

Facebook x Love Is Project Maasai

Facebook x Love Is Project Kenya

Earlier this year, Facebook printed out images on silks and fabric for the Love Is Project video.  After shooting, I brought them to Kenya to give them to the ladies...they were so excited to have copies to hang at home.

Kenya is just one of the countries we work in. There is still much work to do  and we depend on our customers orders to give a sustainable livelihood to over 1400 women across the country. Thank you again for helping us, support their economic empowerment.

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