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Then and Now: The Hippies vs. The Hipsters

May 30, 2017 1 min read

If you think about it, flower children aren’t all that different from your plaid-wearing, matcha-latte-drinking hipster. Here’s what’s changed (and stayed the same!) in the 50 years since the Summer of Love.

Movie Tickets:  Then - A movie ticket cost a mere $1.25. Now - The average movie ticket price is $8.67. We still like holding hands during the scary parts, though.

Marriage:  In 1967, the Supreme Court declared interracial marriage constitutional in the Loving vs. Virginia case. 48 years later, gay marriage was ruled constitutional by the SCOTUS in Obergefell vs. Hodges. #winning

Housing:  In 1967 the whole picket fence dream was about the same price as a used car today. But family is family, even if you four are squished into a two-bed rental, right?  

Wage Gaps:  Then - The federal minimum wage was raised to $1.40 an hour. Now -Women still earn $0.80 to the male dollar. We’re working to change that.

War and Peace:  In 1967, 475,000 troops were serving in Vietnam. In 2017, we’re embroiled in controversial Middle Eastern conflicts.

Memories: Then - A brand new Polaroid camera cost $50. Now - We’re endlessly documenting everything from meals to big moments on our smartphones.

Must-Haves:  Then - A crisp $20 would buy you two Parker Pen sets. Now - A $20 digital swipe of your card buys you a feel-good, artisan-made LOVE bracelet.

When it comes down to it, we’re still down to smoke a doobie (in these eight states ), listen to the Grateful Dead, and hit up a disco. Just call us the new hippies.


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