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Chaquira Bracelet Set (of 2) - Black & Brown

These bracelets were handmade with LOVE in Jalisco, Mexico by nine Wixáritari artisans. Each Chaquira (cha-kee-rah) Bracelet Set comes with two bracelet designs—our favorite symbol, the heart (of course) and the Wixáritari emblematic symbol, the Ojo de Dios.

The Ojo de Dios is the power to see and understand things unknown. This symbol represents prosperity and is still used to call on an abundance of water for a good prosperous farming season. It is also used as a form of protection from the ‘evil eye’ or negative energy sourced from the unknown. Each bracelet takes about two hours to make and the colors symbolize different meanings for the Wixáritari.

Each Chaquira Bracelet Set comes with two bracelets.

  • Black + Brown Chaquira Bracelets | The black represents the Pacific Ocean which is symbolic for life

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