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Bundle - Atitlan Twilight LOVE Bracelets (Set of 2)

Bundle and SAVE! These bracelets hail from the colorful villages surrounding beautiful Lake Atitlán, Guatemala. Woven on mini foot looms, these bracelets are inspired by the woven hair ribbons Guatemalan women use in their hair wraps. Each cotton bracelet’s color symbolizes the unique cultural attributes of its artisan’s home village in the Lake Atitlán region. 

As if this look-good-feel-good collection wasn’t already complete, we’re including a traditional worry doll with each bracelet purchase. Whisper your deepest concerns to these “Muñecas Quitapenas” before placing them under your pillow; legend has it that they’ll spirit away your worries while you slumber.

  • Bracelet's adjustable diameter length: 6-7.75 inches. Perfect for petite wrists!
  • As seen on The View