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A DOSE OF LOVE Membership - $45 quarterly (every 3 months)

For People Who LOVE LOVE!

You can get a dose of LOVE all year 'round.

Everyone who signs up gets our complimentary Welcome bundle of an Original Red Love Bracelet, 3 postcards to send to loved ones, our Spread the Love deck of cards, stickers and impact and letter from a featured artisan.

Each quarter we will focus on a different "Love Is" theme from our photo book, The Greatest Love Story Ever Told, and curate a box around that. There will be exclusives included in the box.

First themes.

  •  LOVE Is Self Love Theme: Self-care + Wellness 
  •  LOVE Is Purpose Theme: Spring + Mindfulness Product
  •  LOVE Is Spontaneous | Theme: Adventure + Friendship


“Love is proportional to your will.”

The stronger your will, the bigger your LOVE.

Six years ago, I began a journey with one question in mind: how can I bring more LOVE into this world? What started with one bracelet, turned into a movement. With your quarterly Love Is Project - A Dose Of LOVE Membership, you will receive exclusive jewelry, first-hand artisan stories, creative ways to spread more LOVE, and a few other inspirational surprises along the way...

Your membership supports global economic empowerment, steady employment, fair wages, educational opportunities, and charitable donations for more than 2000 female artisans around the world. Thank you for being a part of The Greatest Love Story Ever Told. Together, let’s expand our LOVE in ways we never thought possible.

All my LOVE,

CHRISSIE LAM Founder of Love Is Project