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Gia Golden Heart Necklace

Literal translation of Gia is LOVE and Heart in Hindi, but it conveys much more than that.
 In Sanskrit, Gia ( जीव ) is a deep word that signifies the essence of life, the spirit, and the soul that imparts life with vitality.
Wear or wrap the Gia Golden Heart necklace for a super layering look. Bring vitality and good spirit to your life.
  • Handmade with LOVE by female artisans in India
  • Travel proof and waterproof
  • 48" wrap for layer look 
  • Gold plated on Brass 
  • Giftable packaging includes protective cloth pouch, gift tag, and sticker
  • Bracelets are handmade and 100% unique, so you may observe slight variations in color

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