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Love Signs - Horoscopes

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What's Your Sign?

 Are you a balanced and friendly Libra or are you a calm and sensitive Cancer? Made from Bali seed beads, the Horoscope Zodiac Bracelets remind you of where you’ve come from and where you’re going. Each power color represents a Zodiac sign and is designed to root you in the energy you bring into the world. Channel your zodiac strength every day and feel empowered that your purchase also creates a sustainable livelihood for thousands of Indonesian artisans and their families.  

  • Aries | Bold Red: Aries demands attention, just like a bold red lip. They possess passion, excitement, and a “get up and go” mentality. Aries’ ruling planet is Mars the “red planet.” Coincidence? We think not.
  • Taurus | Gentle Green: Bulls grow in fields, just like this color that makes their sign thrive. Green represents progress, the beauty of nature, and hope. A world without a Taurus is one we wouldn’t want to live in. 
  • Gemini | Shining Yellow: Just like the sun brings light, knowledge, and empowerment, yellow symbolizes deep focus and intelligence. Without Geminis, the world definitely wouldn’t be as bright. 
  • Cancer | Timeless White and Silver: A clean and neutral slate allows Cancers to connect with pure intuition. Cancers bring sensitivity and calm to the world — a powerful and necessary energy that everyone craves. 
  • Leo | Daring Gold: Just like a brave lion presiding over the sweeping plains, gold represents benevolent power, prestige, and positivity. Leos bring strength into the world like no one else. 
  • Virgo | Raw Green and Brown: Virgos represent natural ebbs and flows of continuous growth. Reliable, practical, and stoic, Virgos play an essential role in moving people and their environments forward. 
  • Libra | Bubbly Pink and Blue: A loving and nurturing color, pink represents a sense of peace and fairness. Always the most charming in the room, Libras overflow with an infectious sense of balance.
  • Scorpio | Pure Black: Inquisitive and always digging below the surface, Scorpios are focused on transformation. In western cultures, black represents death and rebirth — which ultimately symbolizes self-transformation. Thankfully Scorpoios exist to remind us of this. 
  • Sagittarius | Infectious Purple: A Sagittarius is spiritual, aware, and philosophical. Purple represents enlightenment, abundance, luck, and positivity. We all could use more Sagittarii in our lives.  
  • Capricorn | Solid Brown and Gray: These colors represent practicality, reliability, and  tradition — in a not boring, no-nonsense kind of way. Gray is a combo of two extremes (black and white) and represents a Capricorn’s ability to walk the middle path. 
  • Aquarius | Flowing Blue: Only an Aquarius can bring a soothing jolt of intelligence and innovation to the world. Just like the sea represents vastness, blue represents flowing ideas and conversation.
  • Pisces | Electric Green: A Pisces is highly in tune with those around them. Their ability to bring a sense of healing, renewal, inspiration, and rejuvenation is something that draws people to them. 

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Bali is the mecca of artisanal craftsmanship and design, and we've just expanded our artisan group to encompass villages in Java. This diverse collection of hand-crafted cuffs is from a paradise close to our hearts.

Your purchase helps provide jobs for over 400 artisans in Bali and Java. This income supports their children, school fees, transportation and food. Profits also fund a recycling program, mask making program, and agricultural and other programs.

  • Jobs have been provided for more than 400 artisans
  • Donations have funded projects at Green School Bali, Kopernick, Bali Children's Hope Foundation

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