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LoveStoned Third Eye Chakra - Labradorite (Set of 3)

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They'll make you stop and stare, because they’ve got us LOVE STONED! Our new Bali stacks are made with precious rocks. Layered with our woven bracelets, they not only make a fun fashion statement, but will keep you grounded and improve your mood.

Our Labradorite bracelet stack will open your Third Eye Chakra,expanding your sixth sense and linking you to higher planes.Labradorite’s iridescent coloring reflects the deep mystery of the Third Eye. Inuit lore says thatLabradorite brings clarity to the wearer and helps them see people’s true intentions.

  • Increases faith and trust
  • Strengthens physical, emotional, and spiritual life
  • Helps resolve previous disappointments or insecurities

Stack of 3 bracelets delivered in one LOVE pouch.

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