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Trinity Horn Bangle - Black

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Our Trinity bracelet is made for you with LOVE by a family of artisans in Vietnam with over 40 years experience. Made from upcycled cow horns and hand-engraved brass, this bracelet was shaped and polished using handicraft traditions passed down through generations.

Why cow horn? They occupy a special place in Vietnamese culture and agriculture. They represent strength, bravery, and prosperity.

  • 100% waterproof
  • Comes in three colors - Natural & White mixed & Black & White mixed & Black
  • Comes in two sizes - Small 6.2cm to 6.5cm diameter & Medium 6.6 to 7cm diameter
  • Handmade from upcycled cow horn and brass
  • Each bracelet is unique: slight variations in coloring or shape may occur


In 400-year old Thuy Ung, our upcycled Trinity Horn Bangles are made by hand using traditional craftmanship techniques. This family run business has handcrafted cow horns into artisanal accessories for over 40 years.

The women who make these bracelets are able to receive fair salaries to improve their lives and the lives of their families. They also receive overtime pay, paid vacation, sick time, parental leave, health insurance, and even company lunches.

  • Jobs have been provided for 11 artisans

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