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12 Days of Gifts that “Say I Love You”

December 03, 2018 3 min read

The season of giving is upon us, and we can’t think of anything we like to give more than LOVE.

It’s that time of year: lights are going up, carols start playing, and everyone is making multiple gift lists and checking them twice. Here’s the thing about the holidays: we love the idea of giving to others, but we love it even more when those gifts keep giving and giving and giving some more…

It’s always a good time of year to spread opportunity, empowerment, and kindness—but it’s especially fun to do it during the holidays. Forget dancing ladies and turtle doves—’tis the season for dedicating yourself to 12 days of peace, forgiveness, and giving.

Whether you’re shopping for family or an acquaintance, a significant other or a friend, we’ve got the LOVE bracelet for them. Read on for our 12 Days of LOVE gift guide, and help us spread peace and empowerment to women and their families all across the world.

12 Love Signs Horoscope Bracelets, $15: Know your giftee’s Zodiac sign? You’ll probably want to find out. Each bracelet is designed to bring out specific energies and characteristics for the wearer based on their horoscope. They’re handmade by talented artisans in Bali, Indonesia.

11 Holi Moli Collection, $15: Light up the depths of winter with an explosion of color. Our Holi Moli are inspired by a Hindu festival of LOVE, produced in partnership with entrepreneurs from Access Development in India.

10 Bali Friendship, $18: We can’t get by without a little LOVE from our friends, so we asked our Balinese partners to make these bestie-ready beaded and woven beauties.

9 Cartagena LOVE, $25: Fall in LOVE with Colombia’s rich cultural traditions, no matter where you are. These lightweight colorful bracelets are handmade by an artisan family from Tuchin, and look like a Caribbean sunset.

8 Otavalo, $40: These seed bead bracelets are reminiscent of corn, which has brought nutrition and prosperity to generations of Ecuadorians. Your purchase continues that tradition: Faire Collection Workshop artisans receive fair salaries, parental leave, and healthcare.

7 Shining Seven: Choose a fail-safe gift from the crowning jewels of the Love Is Project collection: the silver Bali Offering insmall ormedium, theDream bracelet, theWish bracelet, gold or silverDarjeeling bracelets, and theMake America Love Again tote are all perennially popular.

6 Love Light, $15: Crafted from mini seed beads by our Balinese partners, these bracelets are as breezy as your fave spring break maxi dress.

5 Bhutan Happiness bundle, $128: Bring more happiness and LOVE into your life, inspired by Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness Index. Even better: Your purchase supports monasteries and Renew, an organization to support domestic violence victims.

4 Atitlan Love, $25: This collection is as colorful as the villages surrounding the hills of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. It’s produced by 500+ female artisans in the Mercado Collective, which takes a holistic approach to poverty reduction.

3 Trinity, $45: Upcycled cow horns and hand-engraved brass make these bangles unique. 40 years of craftsmanship experience by a Vietnamese family of artists make them stunning.

2 Good as Gold Bundle, $300: Split or stack this special bundle of two golden Alchemy bracelets, made in the heart of the Bali jungle.

1 Best Friend Bundle, $90: The original bracelet that started it all, plus a very special LOVE collar for your best four-legged friend.




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