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3 Ways to Shower Mom with LOVE from Afar | Mother's Day Gifts to Mail

May 01, 2020 2 min read

Mother’s Day might look a little different this year for most families. In the midst of a pandemic, the one thing you’re probably craving right now, is a hug from your mom. And pssst: we’re pretty sure she’s craving one from you too.

If you’re not able to be with your mom this Mother’s Day, here are three ways you can shower her with LOVE from afar:

1. We’re a big fan of the question: What does LOVE mean to you? This Mother’s Day, why not ask yourself, “What does MOM mean to me?” Because moms = love. Write a list of 15 reasons why your mom is the cat’s meow, the bee’s knees, and everything in-between. Leverage one of the most powerful love languages—affirmation—to let mom know how much you LOVE from afar. 

Are you the strong and silent type? Perfect, send her a LOVE-packed text sporadically throughout the day to keep her grinning from ear to ear. Are you the chatty filter-happy type? Amazing, hop on a video call and share your affirmations with her “in-person.” 

2. Speaking of video calls (come on, guys—you knew this was coming)...Zoom! Google Meet! Facebook Messenger! There are so many ways to get mom’s party started, even if you’re not in the same room or even timezone. Surprise mom with a party itinerary filled with games, drinks, and gift-giving. It might take a little bit of early-thinking coordination with someone on-the-ground (like a neighbor or sibling) but tap into your creativity, available resources, and hop to it. 

3. Treat your mama and with a LOVE-inspired bracelet created by other mama artisans from all over the globe! Did you take an unforgettable family trip to Guatemala once? Or are you looking to celebrate your African heritage in a more meaningful way? Now through May 10, you can use the code LOVEYOURMOTHER at checkout to receive a 20% discount. It’s not too late and even if it is, who cares? Mom should be celebrated every day. We’re confident she won’t be mad about getting her newest jewelry candy a day or two late. 

Cheers to your mothers, we LOVE them from the bottom of our hearts! 

Here are some mamas in the Love Is Project family...just because. :) 

P.S. Before you go, share a story about why you LOVE your mom on Instagram using the hashtag #LoveIsProject. You and your mom might just get a chance to win matching Classic LOVE bracelets. <3 

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