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45 full bellies = 45 full minds in Kenya

November 10, 2020 2 min read

InNovember2020, our Maasai community partners told us that a small school in Ngong called Ilatareto was struggling to keep their feeding program going.

Their 45 students took an exam called the opening cat or “continuous assessment test” a month after their school opened. Unfortunately, they didn’t perform as well as their teachers hoped and the students said it was because they had to study on “an empty stomach.” We decided to donate $605 to their feeding program to support their students through their education. 

After their second follow-up exam, with fuller bellies, the teachers were happy to report that their performance was much better!

A school representative shared, “Your food contribution has made the students active, jovial and really concentrating.They say thank you very much. They are sharing with others coming to the fence over lunch hour. This is why we fear cutting off the feeding program.So the schools really thank you for contributing towards the good performance and hope the good lord will enable you to donate again to avoid cutting off the performance motivating feeding program.”

Kenya - Love Grows program - Love Is Project

This is how Love Is Project is more than just a bracelet company. We believe in meeting the moment and we invite you to join us! We want to make sure these kiddos have full bellies so they can nourish their minds. Your financial support will immensely benefit these students during their education. 


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