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5 Reasons We LOVE Our Dads

June 08, 2020 2 min read 1 Comment

In honor of Father’s Day, we’re thinking back on all the reasons why our dads are truly the best. Here are just five:

1. They’re not afraid to get messy with us

Whether we wanted to play in the mud, run in the rain, or learn a new rough and tumble sport, somehow dad was always willing to get in on the action with no complaints.

2. They’re there for us when we need a chat

From giving us good advice during the more serious moments of life, to shooting the breeze about something on television, our dads are always up for a good conversation–even if we only respond in babbles.  

3. They comfort us when things get tough

Dads are our rocks. From falling off our bikes to bad days at school to our first shots at the doctor’s office, some encouraging words from dad and a warm hug were all we needed to get back on our feet.  

4. Even when we drove them nuts, they kept a good sense of humor

After a long day of work–or sometimesduring a long day of work–we weren’t always the easiest to handle as kids. But our dads always took everything in stride and found a way to laugh through even our more challenging moments.  

5. They made unforgettable memories with us

Whether he was figuring out exactly what makes us laugh or powering an in-home rollercoaster, we’ll never forget some of the creative ways our dads showed us how much they love us.

While Father’s Day is looking a little different this year, there are always ways to show you care–even if you’re physically apart. Shop for Dad with promo code LOVEDAD by June 15th and get 15% off your gifts from our Kenya collection, Spread LOVE deck of cards and photo book, The Greatest Love Story Ever Told.


Treat your dad.



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ann brown
ann brown

June 10, 2020

Miss my dad every day of my life.

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