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Are You Ready for Festival Season?

March 17, 2018 2 min read

As far as we’re concerned, there are five seasons: fall, winter, spring, summer, and FESTIVAL.

We’re approaching that time of year when even Punxsutawney Phil agrees the days will be getting longer and warmer. For many, spring’s long-awaited arrival means cherry blossoms, dining al fresco, and moving those clocks forward. For us, it means artist lineups, ticket sales, and wardrobe prep.

The 20th century had its Woodstock, but the 21st century has dozens: Coachella, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Outside Lands, Governor’s Ball, Hangout, and more. This spring and summer, artists from Kendrick Lamar to Beyoncé will be gracing stages from coast to coast. Though the locations and lineups differ, one thing remains consistent: fashion.

Festival Season with Love Is Project

Festival fashion has always been its own specific niche, taking cues from the flower children of yore (think espadrilles and flower crowns) and modern fashion trends (those neon crop tops and Dad hats). Trends aside, hallmarks of festival fashion have long included accessories, ranging from functional bandannas to combat dust to statement earrings that stand out in a crowd.

This summer, we’re making our own mark on festival fashion with a bracelet lineup that will take you from opening act to headliner:

Lucky bundle from Love is Project Summer of Love

Lucky Bundle - Get all four lucky bracelets in red, yellow, lime green, and purple. Think of it as a festival-ready wrist stack that pairs perfectly with those un-ironic jorts.

Jaipur Pink Holi Moli from Love Is Project

Jaipur Pink Holi Moli - The color recalls the sun-drenched streets of Rajasthan’s famous Pink City. We think this shade looks even prettier with a festival tan.

Bali Unity Beaded Bracelet from Love Is Project Summer of Love

Bali Unity Beaded - As far as we’re concerned, tassels and neon are never going out of style, which makes this bracelet all the better for raising the roof during your favorite act.

Love Rainbow bracelet Love Is Project

Love Rainbow - Festivals are all about a pure love for music, one that keeps you listening through cool rain, hot sun, and endless crowds. It’s a good reminder that love is love is love.


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