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Big News: Our Happiness Collection Launches Today!

January 16, 2018 1 min read

We’ve already partnered with communities in Kenya, Indonesia, and Ecuador to make LOVE bracelets, and we’re thrilled to announce that our reach now extends to Bhutan.
This small landlocked country nestled between India and China was a natural next stop for us because of  a simple principle enshrined in their constitution: Gross National Happiness. GNH counts happiness as a goal of governance, and seeks to achieve it through an emphasis on socio-economic development, sustainable environmental practices, and the preservation of culture and tradition.

Love Is Project takes Bhutan Original Love Bracelet

The beauty of the country doesn’t stop there: Travelers in this Himalayan kingdom could easily mistake Bhutan for a real-life Shangri-La with fertile rice terraced valleys, never-ending mountains, crystal blue rivers, and picturesque homes dotting the idyllic  landscape. Colorful prayer “Wind Horse” flags adorn the hills, streams, and forests, and statuesque monasteries and forts are decorated with exquisite carvings and paintings.

Love Is Project with Bhutan monks happiness love smile photography laughter

Bhutan’s natural beauty and GNH principles inspired us to create our new Happiness Collection. Giveback Funds from this collection will support local monasteries and Renew, a local nonprofit that empowers women and seeks to solve domestic violence issues. Founded by the fourth queen of Bhutan, Renew serves 3,000 women across the country with counseling and training services.



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