Ecuador's best kept secrets

August 24, 2017 1 min read

I’ve been privileged to visit over 100 countries, but Ecuador holds a special place in my heart. Its wildly colorful rainforests, heart-warming food, and fun-loving culture just keep luring me back. Here are my tips for staying, eating and playing.


In an eco-friendly treehouse perched in the lush-yet-cool Cloud Forest, where colorful wildlife abounds. Or try the SaniLodge, deep in the Amazon.

Climb: the peaks ofCotopaxi Volcano National Park. You can also grab a photo opp by the lagoons, or fly-fish in the Pita River.

Eat: soul-satisfyingalmuerzo (a traditional Ecuadorian set menu) made from great quality organic food atHouse Warmi. You’ll fill up for just $5!

Watch: a magnificent sunset (drink in hand) fromthe best balcony overlooking the city of Quito. They even have live music.

local heritage by donning an Amor Collection LOVE bracelet.

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