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Introducing Claudie Pierlot x Love Is Project

July 22, 2020 2 min read

Claudie Pierlot's summer capsule collection, Brazilian Song, is inspired by bossa nova, the Brazilian sun, and the energy and warmth of summer. But this year, beyond just dazzling our eyes with bold floral patterns and feminine silhouettes, Claudie Pierlot is interested in making a difference.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Claudie Pierlot’s CLAUDIE CARES initiative to offer three colorful handmade bracelets: our original red LOVE bracelet, our white and gold Seed Bead LOVE Bracelet and our Unity Pink and Yellow Beaded Bracelet

100% of the profits from the sales of these bracelets will be donated to the Green School in Bali, Indonesia. The Green School is a “school without walls,” focused on holistic learning and training a new generation to live and work sustainably. 

We are earmarking the funds ($10,000 USD) for a local sustainable farming initiative scholarship in partnership with The Astungkara Way, a project which grew out of Green School's Bali community integration program, Kul Kul Connection.

70% of Bali’s farmers are over 60 years of age.  It’s time to create compelling motivations for the younger generation to return to their grandparents’ fields and be stewards of their land and the ancient traditions that define Bali’s culture and way of life.  

This scholarship will provide Indonesian youth wanting to get involved with The Astungkara Way's projects and learn in courses alongside international participants.  

The Astungkara Way also recruits small groups of 10-15 youth from the villages in the vicinity of our regenerative agriculture projects to work and learn with us through a programme called ‘Sekolah Alam’ or ‘The School of Nature’. Participants earn credit for the hours they contribute to farming with our team while they gain valuable experience and knowledge.  More hours in the field mean greater rewards, ranging from t-shirts, to participation in fun gatherings and meals in the fields, to free enrolment in permaculture and agroforestry courses, to providing scholarships to pay for university tuition in agricultural school.  

As with all Love Is Project bracelets, each purchase also creates jobs for our female artisans in Kenya and Indonesia who hand-bead our bracelets using traditional methods. You can virtually “meet” some of our amazing artisans in both Indonesia and Kenya and see the impact for yourself.

Our collaboration together was also featured in Vogue Paris. View the feature here.

Explore the Brazlian Song collection and support the cause by shopping here

Claudie Pierlot x Love Is Project

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