March 01, 2018 1 min read

Just in time for International Women’s Day…
LOVE IS YOU. Incredible #loveisproject film captured by the talented Benjamin Conley highlighting the beauty and strength of female surfers in Southern California.

Love the inspiring and empowering message he brings to life. 

Benjamin Conley is a Filmmaker and Photographer living in Los Angeles, CA.  He believes everyone has a story to tell and his passion is helping to bring those stories to life.  His favorite place to be is in the Ocean searching for waves. 

SURFERS: Candice Davis, Beverley Duong, Becky Feldman, Tatjana Matthews, Brittany Takai, Emma Von Jansky

WORDS BY: Erika Lane Enggren

VOICE OF: Aaliyah Pugliese
Robbie Pugliese (Father and Recorded by)

MUSIC BY: Enoch Kim

VIDEO: Benjamin Conley

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