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Make America LOVE Again Tote

May 16, 2018 2 min read

Regardless of what side of the aisle you sit on, “Make Americafill-in-the-blank again” has become a rallying cry. Love is Project HQ is no exception.

Just 51 years ago, 100,000 hippies descended upon Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco, spreading messages of peace, unity, and LOVE. The famous Summer of Love kicked off a decade of new values centered around individuality, freedom, acceptance of differences. Introspection (sometimes chemically aided) was in, and judgment was out.

In the five decades since, we’ve watched this country hit a number of milestones that would have made those San Franciscan hippies proud: electing the first African American president, joining most of the world in a landmark climate change agreement, nominating the first female candidate for a major political party, equalizing marriage in all states, and many more.

We’ve also hit a number of milestones that those hippies would have lined up to protest: the refugee crisis, the threat of nuclear war, a notable resurgence of white supremacy and hate rallies including Charlottesville, and continued gun violence that tears apart communities and schools.

Whether it’s digital or physical, fear and hatred have been consuming this country. Twitter feeds and news chyrons are full of it. And here’s the real truth: Companies are profiting from it. We want to turn that model on its head.

While fear might effectively drive short-term decisions and dollars spent, we believe the real sustainable business is in cultivating LOVE at every step of the supply chain, from fairly paid artisans to ultimate marketing messages. We keep love and respect at the very core of our business model, and it informs every aspect of the company.

That’s why this summer our rallying cry is Make America Love Again—and why this summer we’re emblazoning a special-edition tote bag with this PSA. Just like our bracelets, they’re a visible and visceral reminder of the power of love to reshape the world for the better, one community at a time.

We hope you use these totes to carry your nourishing produce, to deliver favorite books to friends and freezer meals to new parents, or to replace a plastic bag with an earth-friendly alternative. In short, we hope you use these to tote and spread messages of love, no matter where you live, work, or travel.



make america love again tote bag by Love Is Project gold and white

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