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Meet Grace Leong

February 09, 2020 1 min read

Grace is a freelance graphic designer from Melbourne, Australia. She is deeply committed to developing brand messages that engage and resonate with a global community to advance the efforts of social and environmental causes, and believes that design can be a positive force for change. Grace has been helping Love is Project spread love all over the world since 2017, by creating graphics, packaging, taking photos, and lots more. You can view some of her work here.
I met Chrissie through a mutual friend and I was immediately drawn to the purpose and beautiful imagery of Love is Project. I loved the story, and the fact that Chrissie was able to travel combine her passion for design and social impact work into a project that could change the lives of so many people all of the world.
I had the opportunity to visit some Love is Project workshops in Vietnam and Bali, to take some photographs and meet some of the talented artisans. It was a great pleasure to see where magic is created. Each workshop was distinct in the materials and techniques they used to create the bracelets, and it was a such a special experience to talk and understand the craftsmanship that goes into every design. Here are some photos from that experience. 

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