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Meet Kristina Borza

December 30, 2020 2 min read

Kristina Borza - Love Is Project - The Greatest Love Story Ever Told
Kristina Borza is a digital marketer, copyeditor, and writer with experience in the B2B, eCommerce, and healthcare industries. She combines a flair for well-written copy with an eye for the analytics needed to drive marketing and content decisions. She is a lifelong New Yorker. 
I met Chrissie digitally through a mutual friend (and fellow freelancer) in the winter of 2019. We spoke briefly over the phone, our conversation focused on several very tactical writing assignments. Chrissie spoke quickly and exuberantly, fluttering from her broad vision for Love is Project, to her background in fashion, to products she was designing and producing with the help of her artisan partners. 
After exchanging many emails and working with her for a few months, Chrissie looped me into a project that would become very special to me: the creation of her book, The Greatest Love Story Ever Told. The Greatest Love Story Ever Told is a compilation of love stories from Chrissie's travels around the world that simultaneously tells the story of how Love Is Project came to be. 
Working with Chrissie on this book thrust me into an entirely new world. I found myself poring over digital journal entries from Chrissie's travels, sifting through hundreds of photographs from faraway places, and being moved by the love stories so many friends and strangers had entrusted Chrissie with re-telling. 
How do you distill hundreds of quotes and interviews, the birth of a fashion brand that creates jobs for artisan women in developing countries, and an epic journey that spanned 50 different countries, into one book? In short, it was a labor of LOVE.
Chrissie and I didn't get to meet in person until almost a full year later, when she visited New York City for the NY NOW trade show. It just so happened that The Greatest Love Story Ever Told won "Best New Product" at that show the night before we met. 
After a long cab ride, and a dizzying journey through the labyrinth that is the Javits Center, I finally spotted Chrissie at her booth. Meeting in person for the first time was more like saying hi to an old friend. I left energized, inspired, and donning a few artisan-made LOVE bracelets of my own. 
The story of Love Is Project (and the real tenacity it takes to accomplish its mission) is by no means a fairy tale. But, Chrissie's knack for embracing moments of synchronicity–meeting the right people at the right time, from London to Bhutan–is nothing short of extraordinary. 
I'm happy to have gotten a chance to help tell her story, and be a small part of letting a broader audience know what Love Is Project is all about.

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