We were so thrilled to wake up and see the Rainbow LOVE bracelet on Anne Hathaway's cover story for Glamour Magazine this month!

Rainbow LOVE bracelet on Anne Hathaway's cover story for Glamour Magazine Devil Wears Prada


From Glamour:
"I’m more loving now, and that includes toward myself.” Our June cover star Anne Hathaway opens up about her childhood, her road to success, and how she's put her "history of rage" behind her.
“I want to protect others from going through the worst of what I experienced. I want to help make what I consider the best of my experiences to be the norm, as it always should have been.”
 “I have a history with rage,” Hathaway says. “I used to do this thing where I was like, ‘I’m nice 29 days out of 30, and then I give myself complete permission to be a bitch to anyone, about anything.’ I realized that if I could actually move away from the judgment and deal with my emotions in the moment, I didn’t actually need the extra day. Rage doesn’t lead you to a place of peace. And for me the goal is not happiness. The goal is peace."

Rainbow LOVE bracelet on Anne Hathaway's story for Glamour Magazine
But peace, like success, is more of a journey than a destination. “Cate Blanchett once said something like, ‘I don’t ever want to feel that I’ve arrived, because as soon as you arrive, you have to leave,’” she says. “That’s the way I’ve always felt about it. I’m not interested in getting to the top of the mountain. I hope that, at the top of the mountain, there’s just another mountain.” She knows she regresses sometimes, and recalls a moment watching the monitor after filming a scene for The Hustle. “Chris Addison, the director, saw me recoil and said, ‘What’s the matter?’ And I said, ‘Nothing. I just need a new face,’” she says. The negativity felt all too familiar. “I just had this moment where I was like, ‘Ugh. Not again. You know where this road leads. And you know it doesn’t make you a better actress. So can we please not beat the you-know-what out of ourselves today and just, like, make another choice?’ And the scene came alive.”

In the end, all this self-analyzing has just made her better—a better mom, a better actress, a better human. “Anne is pretty darn self-aware,” says Ocean’s 8director Gary Ross. “The thing that struck me most about working with Anne is her bravery. She commits fully to the character, with bravado and no self-protection—understanding that a great performance is never a timid performance.”

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