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The Quest for LOVE

December 21, 2020 5 min read

Emily Pereira - The Quest

It’s hard to believe that the wildest, most difficult year we’ve collectively experienced is coming to a close. Even though it may feel that we are still deep “in it”, we actually now have an opportunity to move past this heavy contraction and into a time of great expansion. Today, we’re entering what’s been coined The Age of Aquarius. This new era will be defined by something I like to call Reservoir Wellness. We aren’t talkin’ the kind of wellness where you do a 3 day juice cleanse, pull on aSpiritual Gangster tee, and flash a little side boob on IG with a choice Rumi quote. Not that there’s anything wrong with that… it’s just the type of wellness I’m talking about comes from cultivating a deep well of happiness + wholeness that sustains you throughout life’s most challenging hardships. It's a rarified form of peace and calm that emanates from your core essence when you know yourself, love yourself and have moxy to be yourself. 

You may be wondering just how to access this clandestine portal of inner riches? 

Well, just between you and me, Reservoir Wellness isn’t for the faint of heart. It actually takes great courage. But on the other side, is a sanctuary of resources that leads you, like a guiding light, to the next, expansive horizon, no matter what life throws at you. 

Emily Pereira - The Quest book and retreat - Love Is Project love bracelets friendship bracelets

Step 1: The Blueprint.

No luck or chance that my new memoir,The Quest:
From the Hollywood Hills to the Amazon Jungle, One Woman’s Search for Enough, has just hit the stands as we emerge from one of our most trying times in recent history.

Like so many others, once upon a time, I didn’t know you could navigate life from a place of Reservoir Wellness. Blindly, I chased what I thought would bring me happiness: a high flying career, a sparkler on that all important finger, invites to the hippest events, and a closet full of chic clothes that I draped over my yoga-toned body. Still, sounds plenty good, but between you and me, I’d created a life solely based on external validation. This hamster wheel of never-enough left me fearful, unhappy, constantly longing for more and believing that happiness and wholeness was something I needed to constantly achieve.  

Thankfully, I had a legit breakdown that led to a stunning breakthrough, where I found a threshold to an inner world that’s so deep, generative, and satisfying, no matter what storm swirls around me, I always know I am ok. During this time, my definition of wellness completely changed. I came to understand it’s not outside but inside where we experience profound self-love. 

The Quest is alaugh-out-loud spiritual adventure that leads you to an abiding personal oasis, where self love spills over to everyone and everything you touch.Yes, this is a real thing.Pick it up your copy and exclusive Quest friendship love bracelet here! 

  1. The Talisman 

When Chrissie Lam, Founder of Love Is Project, came to Costa Rica this year to deepen her own Quest, we were struck by the synergy between the work we were both doing to bring more love into the world. We thought “WOW, how powerful would it be to offer the book as a blueprint to this reservoir of wellness with the bracelet as a talisman to remind you that the magic is inside your own strong magnificent self?” 

This special edition Quester bracelet is like the legendarymagic stone in your pocket. Rub the talisman and remember that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. As you will learn in the book, there’s a gift in every situation (even the most trying). That is designed especially for your benefit and evolution.Those who wear The Quester bracelet are also making a statement that you are brave enough to embark on the inner quest. Wearing it makes you a lighthouse for others, showing that you, too, are part of a beautiful collective of courageous souls who are flying together on this journey towards a brighter earth. 

  1. The Imprint:

    When you begin your Quest into the reservoir of wellness, you need resources to fill the well and sustain you so you don’t fall into default modes of thinking and being. The Quest Book serves as a Blueprint for you to chart a path that is in alignment with the truest parts of your heart and soul. The Quest Retreat works synergistically with the book and the beautiful Love Is Project bracelet to create a powerful new energetic imprint so you can attract the people, opportunities and invitations to make manifest the amazing life that you’ve now glimpsed is possible.  

Harper Bazaar - Emily Pereira The Quest Retreat

When I clawed my way out of the dark cave to find the light of liberation and personal power waiting for me, my mission became clear: shine a light for other women who want to do the same, women who know deep inside that they are meant for more. The Quest Retreat is a 5-day immersive experience, the forgotten footpath back toyour core essence, that glowing easeful self that brings the world to you, rather than you having to reach for it.

Quest Retreat Costa Rica Emily Pereira

Women from all over the world gather for this intimate retreat in one of the most beautiful, magical places in the earth, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica (Voted “Top 10 beaches in the world” - Forbes). A jungle of limitless riches hemmed by the magnificent surf of the Nicoya Peninsula. Here you’ll find your multi-passionate, multi-faceted self, all of her. You’ll ride warm waves, feast on gourmet organic cuisine, write your heart out, breathe through your blocks, rest, attune your mind-body-spirt in yoga postures and cleanse your temple in the ancient tradition of the Temazcal. We drum, dance and laugh around the roaring bonfire on the beach. On this retreat you will be seen, held and loved in the full expression of who you are. 

"To say this retreat changed my life would be the understatement of the century…Since the retreat, I’ve fallen in love, created an amazing community of conscious sisters, and have been promoted 3 times! But most exciting … I’ve fallen in love with myself.”
- Claire McClung: Fashion Exec, Philly PA

The Quest Retreat Emily Pereira

You’ll emerge completely transformed after shedding the weight of what the overarching culture has passed to you. With your spark reignited, you feel radiant, bright, happy, unstuck and living in a feast of amazing wonder. It’s then that you watch in awe as the world begins to mirror this love back to you in every facet of your life.Click here to begin your Quest. 

“No purse, no jewelry and no drug can compete with the high, revelations and healing that happened this week.”

-Alexandra Russel Human Trafficking Activist 

The Quest - Emily Pereira

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