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Treat Yourself: Yoga Retreats with Sarah Oleson

February 18, 2022 3 min read

Do you have the winter blues? Need a restful and soulful, sun-filled getaway? We have just the thing to ReTreat Yourself!

While in Nosara, Costa Rica, I met yoga teacher (and my new friend!), Sarah Oleson. She hosts yoga retreats around the world in places like Italy, Spain, Bali and Taos, New Mexico.

She's hosting an incredible upcoming retreat in Nosara, Costa Rica, April 16-23.  Costa Rica is a country that you can easily travel to without any quarantine restrictions. 
Sarah Oleson Yoga Retreat

The retreat experience is like no other. Typically a week long, Immersed in culture and nature, feeling the pulse of the earth together… nourishing both physical and spiritual bodies.

Sarah Oleson Yoga Retreat

Each week is curated to bring in local farm-to table food, experiences including traditional sweat lodge & cacao ceremonies, vibrational sound healings and more. Training and teaching all over the world, Sarah has constantly been inspired by nature, and the movement of breath and life through yoga. Her playful, energizing yoga classes are the perfect mix to create a strong and stable practice. “My hope is that students will step off of their yoga mat with a conscious and connected heart” LIVE YOUR YOGA.

Sarah Oleson Yoga Retreat

The retreat will be held at the Bodhi Tree resort in Nosara, Costa Rica.

All inclusive retreat costs starts at: $1800 -$3500 depending on room size.

$500 deposit is required.

Sign up here!

Sarah Oleson Yoga Retreat

Sarah Oleson Yoga Retreat

“Blue Spirit Costa Rica 2018 was my 4th Yoga Retreat and I am a repeat guest. I know these trips are always beyond words and so despite the fact that it was a repeat at the same time, at the same retreat, I booked. True to form, I was delivered one of the most unique, groundbreaking, earth moving and deepest most profound experiences yet! The girls that I went with and I settled on the word "surreal" as the best way to describe it. So many experiences where you just look at each other and say "oh my gosh is this real life? This can't be real life!? " And that is saying a lot considering as I said this is my fourth retreat with Sarah! It just keeps getting better, so whether you have already attended or are thinking about giving it a try you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything in the world to gain. You'd probably roll your eyes at me and say "yaaa riight" if I gave you the details of the experiences that we have on these retreat's but I promise you, you've never experienced anything like it and it does truly require amazing facilitation to allow people to have such deep experiences. I feel it my personal responsibility to literally grab people by the shoulders look them dead in the eye and say "you have to listen to the words that I'm saying, you have to do this for yourself." I've even sponsored people to go on these trips because I am so confident that they will be changed so profoundly and so permanently for the better. Do it for yourself, you deserve it and life is too short to not see what it's really about! Understand your life on a deeper level, come out from behind the shroud and into the light! You will be amazed at what you find and what you can heal. Don’t overthink it, just pick one and sign up, alone. Thank me later”

 - Leah Lynch, Owner of Beautique Salon, Newburyport, MA

Sarah Oleson Yoga Retreat


Sarah Oleson Yoga

Sarah is also one of our Love Is Project brand ambassadors! She's helping us spread LOVE and create jobs for women artisans worldwide. If you're interested in becoming an ambassador, please email us at or sign up here.

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