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Waste Not, Want Not in Indonesia

November 11, 2020 2 min read

Mother-daughter duo, Made and Ita, are Love Is Project’s resident artisans who live in East Java, Indonesia. Since we partnered up with them in 2017, they’ve been able to expand their workshop and employ 30 women artisans. Self-taught beaders, they’ve been “in the biz” for more than 20 years. Made and Ita saw an opportunity in their village to clean up waste and start a recycling program. 

According to theJakarta Post, “Almost a quarter of a million people in Indonesia die every year because of exposure to toxic air, water or soil or other forms of pollution, making it the country with the fourth-highest number of premature pollution-related deaths in the world.” 

Needless to say—this eco-waste recycling project is very near and dear to their hearts. As with most of our local impact initiatives, Made and Ita came to us to help support their idea and we were happy to fund it. We LOVE when this happens. Artisans know what they need to make change on-the-ground, if we can even be a small part of that change, we’re ecstatic. So, we donated $750 to help them get the project off the ground.

Java Indonesia recycling project

In just two weeks, one person can make 50000 IDR from picking up waste to recycle.

This new project has not only started to improve the environmental quality of their village, but it has also created jobs for 12 people. Aside from generating more local income, this project motivates for the whole village not litter and to keep it clean. 

java indonesia recycling projectjava indonesia recycling project

We are so much happier because the village is cleaner, better for the environment, people are not littering anymore and it is helping the local economy because the garbage can be recycled and sold. It has created 12 more jobs. People can see the results!  Before, garbage was on the roads and in the sewer when it rained, thank God no more trash on the road, thanks to your help, we are very grateful! -Ita/Made

java indonesia recycling project
java indonesia recycling project

The best way to support this stellar mom-daughter duo and their recycling project is to purchase aBali Seed Bead bracelet! Their next goal is to buy a recycling truck that can break down metals more easily than hands and hammers. We will continue to donate proceeds to make their recycling project bigger and better than ever.



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