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What does love mean to you?

June 02, 2017 2 min read

We loved reading all the definitions that came in when we asked you this question...

Here are some of our favorite responses:

"Love is unconditional, the deepest feeling, selflessness​, willing to do anything without a thought. Compassion, understanding, its able to forgive and not hold on to anger and it's a promise. It surpasses all obstacles. That is what love is to me." - ROBIN RIVA

"Love is the ultimate connection to another being's heart and soul.  Live simply, love generously, care deeply, give fully." - DIANA

"Love is feeling like you can fly so high and all the colors become so much brighter." - GISELLE GRAVES

"Love is accepting each other's differences and never giving up on each other. Fighting for each other to succeed in all of life's endeavors." - JENNIFER LESLIE 

"Unconditional love is life and the core of our consciousness. But there is earthly love that we crave and savor and sometimes use and abuse. It’s important to remember the difference. And that’s why I wear my Love is Project bracelet every day, to remind myself there is always unconditional love." - KAREN TULEY

"Love is listening, giving someone else the gift of just "being" when you are with them and always speaking truth with kindness, gentleness and mutual respect. Love is the most precious gift we can give someone else." - CATHRYN WADE

"Love is watching your daughter be a mother to your grand-daughters" - VICTORIA COLEMAN

"Love is knowing you will never be left to struggle without a safety net." - KAREN SYMAMOWICZ

"Love is the difference between feeling happy and feeling whole" - ANNETTE GRYNSPAN

"Love means pure and unconditional emotional caring for others" - AMY COHEN

"Love is – Shining pure heart light and love to all we meet"- BONNIE ROBB

"Love is putting the needs of others before those of yourself" - MEREDITH SCHLOW

"Love is a heart which is soft so to give receive and share as well as strong enough to be powerful in giving receiving and sharing" - BARBARA FIKE


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