That's the question I keep asking during these unprecedented and uncertain times. 

While we're happy to report that our team of artisans and support staff are healthy and doing well, none of us are immune to the fear surrounding the pandemic, the feelings of scarcity, the underlying sense of panic, and the side effects of social distancing. But we do believe there are two things that will get us through this challenging time: following the recommended safety precautions and LOVE. 

When we were creating our Spread the LOVE deck of cards, I thought a lot about ways to make love more than just a feeling or a word. I asked myself: How can each of us personify love, even when life gets tough and our inclination is to keep away from one another? 

  • How about doing something small yet unexpected, for a coworking or a family member? 
  • Writing a letter to someone you've lost touch with to wish them well?
  • Taking a deep breath and expressing gratitude for something that brings you joy everyday
  • Or creating something new - a piece of art, a poem, a small gift, a song - for someone you care about? 

We're in this together. We'll be sending out inspiring, LOVE-filled reminders every few days that we hope will help you keep living your lives with open hearts, even when things around us feel scary.

Tell us how you feel by leaving a comment under this blog post. We're here for you and more committed than ever to the very thing that unites us all: LOVE.


Founder, Love is Project

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