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Why I love my father

June 09, 2017 1 min read

As a tiny toddler I used to sit on his foot and wrap myself around his leg like a Koala bear and he would walk me around like that - my mode of transportation.

One day at Disneyland, amongst the many visitors in line, I saw a leg attached to shoe that looked my dad’s and proceeded to sit on it, I peered up towards the stranger looking down at me… I waited patiently until my father found me and explained that I only saw legs and shoes (my perspective as a little person).

As my sister and I grew older, he used to pick us up after school and bring us to piano lessons, sports practices, cook dinner and help us with our homework. He never complained, worked really hard and held a strong moral compass. He’s a simple man and doesn’t need material things. He’s happiest when we are spending time with him.  We’re really lucky to have him as our dad. He grew up in humble beginnings during wartime in China. As the youngest of seven, He slept on wooden planks with his other brothers and sisters. He had the opportunity moved to the USA in the late 60’s to attend and study at University of California Berkeley and worked in engineering until his retirement 10 years ago, achieving the immigrant’s American Dream.lam family

Grateful to my dad’s consistent presence in my life, guiding me in the right direction.



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