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Here are a few ways our community is showing up:

✓ In 2018, we donated 1,600 LOVE bracelets to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School as a symbol of support & solidarity in the wake of the tragic school shooting.

✓ In 2019, we sponsored the 20th Anniversary Marathon in Lewa, Kenya, focusing on efforts in wildlife, conservation and community.

✓ In 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we:

• Launched our LOVE Grows Program , a long-lasting initiative to empower locals to grow their own farming practices and skills so families can thrive—physically and economically. 

• Donated a portion of proceeds from the India Collection to ACCESS Development Services, an organization in India that strives to create sustainable livelihoods and support poverty reduction in India. We also donated masks,sewing machines, supplies, and food to our artisan partners in Uttar Pradesh.

• Funded food gardens in partnership with RENEW Bhutan as an extension of our LOVE Grows Program.

Learn more about our impact

We are launching a quarterly membership in 2021 so people can get LOVE delivered straight to their doorstep. Sign up to get the details as soon as it launches.

We’re growing our community!
We're honored to be featured by Facebook for Women's History Month with over 3.5 million views and counting! It goes to show empowered women, empower women.

In 2021, we’re launching an affiliate ambassador program so everyone can spread even more LOVE in their communities. We’re also inviting people to share their LOVE stories with us on the blog and on social media

More artisan partnerships. More impact. ♥
Our goal will always be to empower artisan communities worldwide via an ethical supply chain of love. We look forward to growing our partnerships with global artisans and making a difference.


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