Love Is Project x Mercado Global

Since 2018, Love Is Project has been partnered with Mercado Global to bring gorgeous Atitlán bracelets from Guatemala to wrists all over the world. We are proud to work with an organization that helps women lift themselves out of poverty by providing them the materials, tools, and training to become skilled artisans. Mercado Global then gives them the ability to sell their products in the global market, and teaches them how to become entrepreneurs. Local teams also provide women with education on topics such as financial literacy, reproductive health, self-esteem, and more. Mercado Global believes that women have the power to change the world, and they reach their full potential when they empower themselves and others!

Women in the most economically disadvantaged areas of Guatemala need the support of organizations like Love Is Project and Mercado Global the most, as they face misogyny, income inequality, and lack of access to education. LIP and Mercado Global have employed 26 (and counting!) women to make our woven Atitlán LOVE bracelets. These bracelets are made using the indigenous weaving styles of the ancient Maya civilization on mini foot looms, and inspired by the traditional woven hair ribbons that Guatemalan women wear. 

Mercado Global artisans earn three times the daily wage of the average Guatemalan. Thanks to classes teaching women about combating malnutrition, food security for new artisans has tripled within two years of joining the program. 75% of artisans have reported an increased income, and all of them have bank accounts— compared to just 27% of the indigenous population. With the encouragement of Love Is Project and Mercado Global, Guatemalan women have flourished and improved the wellbeing of themselves and their communities! 

Love Is Project x Mercado Global Guatemala

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