Through your purchase, you help create & maintain sustainable livelihoods for hundreds of artisans and their families across the globe. As we grow, we will offer new handmade products from different artisan groups around the world. This “Pay It Forward” social enterprise model empowers artisan communities worldwide in an ethical supply chain of love. Proceeds from sales also go toward education, trainings, health and community development along with helping fund other micro businesses in each country.


Kenya, Indonesia, India, Guatemala, Philippines, Bhutan, Ecuador, Vietnam, Colombia, Mexico

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There’s more to building an ethical supply chain of love than just providing opportunities for our artisans. To date, we’ve amplified the impact by donating over +$125K to worthy organizations that support causes close to our hearts.

The Colorado Correctional Industries Prison Trained K-9 Companion Program provides the outside community with pre-trained dogs, which have been trained by offenders who in return receive vocational training to earn their certification in Canine Behavior Modification.

Supporting the students of Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida who turned their grief into action by standing up to the government, the media, and to ineffective adults to demand change. 

Renew Organization supports women and children in Bhutan with a special focus on survivors of domestic violence and sexual or gender-based violence. 

It Gets Better is an international multimedia movement that uplifts, empowers, and connects LGBTQ youth. Their mission is to provide resources for kids struggling with sexuality and gender identity.

Bali Children’s Foundation helps lift rural families out of poverty by funding education for disadvantaged children. They support traditional boarding schools, and community-based education projects.

The Green School in Bali turns out the world’s next generation of green leaders. Relying solely on scholarships to make this incredible educational experience possible and accessible to children from a variety of backgrounds.

ACCESS Development works tirelessly to reduce poverty in India, through their microfinance platform and sustainable income-generating activities.

When the Volcano Fuego in Guatemala erupted Cruz Roja Guatemalteca stepped in to provide emergency disaster relief to victims, including blood drives, emergency medical aid and supplies. In addition, a portion of proceeds from select bracelets fund preservation nonprofits in the Amazon. 


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