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LOVE’s Impact in Kenya

October 31, 2018 2 min read

Our very first artisan partnership with in Kenya keeps growing and flourishing.

We started Love Is Project with the intention of building an ethical supply chain of love that transcended geographical, linguistic, and cultural barriers to provide opportunities to female artisans in developing countries. It was no small task.

We’re happy to say that our community of artisans is growing and flourishing. While you may know Love Is Project’s bracelets, we’re privileged to see the impact of your purchases every day on Maasai women and their families.

In some ways the impact of a career that enables you to develop skills, accomplish goals, and support yourself and your family is unquantifiable. But there are quantifiable aspects, too. We’re delighted and privileged to be able to share some of the impact that Love Is Project has had on our artisans and their families.

Maasai children with the Love Is Project red love bracelets Kenya

Education + Political Participation

Ask any NGO or policymaker about how to achieve equality for women, and education will be at the top of their list. Kenyan culture has historically repressed educational opportunities for women.

  • Though 54% of our artisans never went to school  themselves, over 80% of them have children enrolled in an age-appropriate educational institution (from pre-K to university).
  • 95% have invested financially in their children’s educations.
  • 25% of children enrolled at the local school have benefited from Love Is Project.
  • 96% of our artisans are registered voters.

Maasai mother beading red Love is project bracelet Kenya

Finances + Healthcare

What’s the benefits of education, political participation, and entrepreneurial opportunity? It creates a generation of women (and men!)  that are better equipped to care for themselves and their families. This financial and physical welfare pays untold dividends.

  • 34% of our artisans own their own businesses.
  • 54% are the sole breadwinners in their households.
  • 97% have access to modern family planning methods.
  • 100% are able to afford minor medical care at local clinics.
  • We’re also able to help enroll expectant mothers in free maternity care.  We’ve registered 5 recently.
  • 100% are able to afford menstrual hygiene care for themselves and minor children, ensuring the ability to participate at work and school.

Maasai mother with child beading Red love is project bracelet Kenya

Home Life

Economic opportunity means the opportunity to improve home life as well. In rural Kenya, water is the scarcest of resources.

  • 100% of our artisans are able to afford regular access to water for themselves and dependent animals.
  • Nearly 40%  have installed solar lighting in their households.
  • 52% have made other household improvements, including improved bedding, cooking equipment, flooring, and more.

These amazing statistics—these incalculable improvements in the lives of our artisans—they’ve all happened because of you. They’ve happened because of your participation in this ethical supply chain of love. They’ve happened because you believed in purchasing something that was made with love by a talented artisan that deserves the opportunity to provide for themselves and their families.

Thank you for being a part of our community, and for doing your part to spread LOVE around the world!

xo Chrissie

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