Ring in the Year of the Pig with our newest jade bracelet.

The new year is always a time of hope, energy, and resolution. What better time to launch a new LOVE bracelet collection? We’re celebrating the arrival of 2019 (the Year of the Pig) with a jade-and-garnet bracelet that’s as rich in symbolism as it is contemporary in looks.

A common gift for Chinese New Year and a traditional symbol of new beginnings, jade promotes luck and wards off bad fortune. Its gentle green color belies its strength in engendering luck while keeping misfortune at bay.

We paired jade with another historically significant stone: garnet. The jewel’s deep red color mimics that of pomegranate seeds, which explains its association with love and passion since Ancient Greeks. Garnet doesn’t just symbolize the commitment of love—it’s also deeply powerful for spiritual healing, and imparts both courage and energy.

We’re sending you into 2019 with good fortune, courage, and—most of all—LOVE.

Happy New Year!




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