Looking for an affordable Valentine’s Day gift? We suggest a LOVE bracelet.
Chocolate and flowers are nice, but they don’t last. When it comes to showering loved ones with symbols of your affection, we prefer something a little more permanent. Like something they can wear daily as a reminder as a reminder of your LOVE.

love is project handmade bracelets by artisans in Ecuador pay it forward

Looking to buy for a friend or a life partner? Hoping to spend $15 or $150? We’ve got the perfect LOVE bracelet for you this Valentine’s Day.

love is project bracelet handmade in india

$15 - Jaipur Pink Bead Bracelet: Think pink! This beaut makes us want to take a romantic stroll through the streets of India’s famous Pink City at sunset.

love is project bracelet handmade in bhutan

$20 - Happy Go Lucky: When we learned that Bhutan’s government measures gross national happiness, we couldn’t help but feel inspired to create this brightly colored collection.

love is project original skinny red bracelet bundle

$25 - The O.G.: Our original LOVE bracelet launched a global social movement, connecting makers and wearers in a common bond of love.
silver love bracelet handmade in bali with beautiful detail

$95 - Silver LOVE Bracelet: This pretty silver bracelet is adorned with delicate patterns representing rice in Balinese culture and beads in Maasai culture. We LOVE bringing together cultures.
gold love bracelet handmade by artisans in bali for love is project with beautiful detail

$165 - Gold LOVE Bracelet: We took our symbolic silver bracelet one step further, and included gold, a Hindu symbol of knowledge, meditation, and turning vulgar human instincts into love and compassion.


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