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What’s your love story?

October 19, 2017 3 min read

There’s nothing we enjoy more than hearing love stories, so we asked you to send us your sweetest, funniest, most romantic, most awkward, most unbelievable, greatest love stories.
Here are a few that we loved...
"Bob and I were friends for a long time. We went in and out of town and each other's lives. Finally, when we were 31 we met up again, fell in love and married. We had Brendan, then the triplets (Brigid, Helen and Kevin). So in our 2nd year of marriage we had 4 children ages 1 and under. We both worked, me days, Bob nights-so we were a tag team. And for 25 years we worked and loved and enjoyed and it was great. The kids are out of the house (not yet financially on their own) so we still work, a lot. But last Spring, right before our 26th anniversary, Bob looked at me and said "have we even talked for the past 25 years?" And then he decided he loved me madly and asked me to marry him again. So we went to the same small chapel, same priest with a few friends and our kids, and renewed our vows. I think i enjoyed this wedding more. And since then (April 2017) we have really been enjoying our boyfriend and girlfriend time.
It is a gift for sure!!!" - Maureen
"My sweetest love stories are about the days my four children were born. I loved them when I first knew I was pregnant. Just thinking about what had occurred inside me and what would grow into a baby, was enough to make my heart feel it would explode. I loved them throughout those long months of feeling larger than a billboard, throwing up, and having to go potty everywhere we went. I loved them even during those long nights when they kicked so hard I was sure one of my ribs was broken.

I loved them when I was sure I would burn up even though it was mid-January and the snow flurried through the open bedroom window. My dear husband never said a peep. He just doubled up an extra quilt on his side of the bed. But the day each one of them was born, the first time I held them in my arms and looked into their eyes, that was LOVE. All-encompassing, pure, sweet love. And it hasn't stopped. Ever. I loved them through all the trials and tribulations of growing up. Through all their triumphs and tears. They are now grown, but I still love these people with fierce, complete, reckless abandon.
And, I always will." - Robin
"My love story starts when I met my husband 25 years ago. I saw his "crinkle eyes" across the restaurant where I was working. We went on a date and everything Nick wanted in life I wanted. We were married 4 months later. The first night we were "together", Nick woke up and tried to wake me up. I am a teacher and it was the first day of school. I would not wake up. Nick finally realized I was in a Diabetic Coma. All he could do was think about what my mother had told him, "If Diane doesn't wake up rub frosting on her gums and the sugar will go into her system quickly". Well, I guess he really took advice! My gums were so sore from his big, old, rough fingers. He got me out of the coma and I went on to work. From that day forward twenty-five years my sweet husband has taken amazing care of me. I have had a kidney transplant, which he wanted to give me one of his but couldn't, I have had open heart surgery, a Colostomy, and many other life-threatening issues. Through it all we have laughed, cried and been there for each other. My husband now has Parkinson's Disease and I hope my love will be strong enough to see us both through.
Our love story will never stop!!" - Diane

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