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Frida Wooden Beaded Bracelet - Blue

Product Details

Our Frida bracelets are made 100% by hand in the town of San Martin Tilcajete, Mexico. Each bead is carved, shaped, finished, and then painted by hand based off of a technique call “Alebrije”, which is a Mexican folk art admired by many such as a Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and later, British filmmaker Judith Bronowski. While originally an art of Mexico City pioneered by the late artist, Pedro Linares, it quickly spread and reached the southern part of Mexico in Oaxaca. Since there, artisans of the region devote their lives to the creation of alebrijes, or fantastical creatures said to take magical forms with lively, vibrant, soulful colors that have meaning and representation, which also inspired the movie, "Coco". The base of the wood comes from a local tree called copal and is also said to contain magical properties.

We evolved the design into painted beads to make them into wearable pieces of art!  

  • Size: Adjustable - elastic 
  • every bracelet in unique & hand-made therefore a slight variation in color combination may occur.
  • comes with a protective cloth pouch, gift tag & sticker.
  • Do not wear the in water. 



In Mexico, a vibrant national movement of the arts has ignited to tell a much bigger story than a handmade bracelet. It's a story of agricultural, familial, political, and religious strength unique to Mexican culture.

When you purchase from this collection of colorful bracelets, you’re improving the lives of our artisans and their families through fair and equitable wages, training and educational opportunties, access to food, and community health programs. This handmade collection celebrates the saltwater pearl in all its serene beauty while combining traditional craftsmanship from local artisans to form a heartfelt homage to the sparkling waters of the Sulu Sea.

  • Jobs have been provided for 20 artisans

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