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An Ode to the Friendship Bracelet this Festival Season

April 18, 2022 2 min read

Welcome to festival season 2022!
For those of us who didn't quite make it to a festival in 2021, summer 2022 is offering a glimpse of hope. Harry Styles and Billie Eilish headline Coachella this month and Glastonbury kicks off on June 22nd.
From huge, headline-making festivals with city-filling music to intimate shows in the park, all music festivals are the home of experimental fashion. From the festival-goers who show up in the most chaotic outfits imaginable to the festival professionals who blend in seamlessly, festival fashion can be as wild and creative as the music playing in the background. But if there's anything we've learnt over the years about festival fashion, it's that stacking handmade friendship bracelets will never go out of style...
There's no denying that every year, Coachella is a celebrity fashion show. Vanessa Hudgens' iconic boho looks have crowned her the Queen of Coachella for years and she's never seen without a stack of intricate bracelets on each arm.
Boho Festival Look With Vanessa Hudgens — allanfaceVanessa Hudgens' Coachella Outfits: Her Style Statements [PHOTOS] –  Footwear Newsbeauty in His name: COACHELLA: Vanessa Hudgens - Her fashion story.
Gigi Hadid and the Jenner sisters are undoubtedly some of the biggest stars in fashion, and are also always sporting their stacks of handmade bracelets in their high-profile festival looks.
Gigi Hadid just wore a £17.99 Mango belt to Coachella and you can still buy  it | HELLO!     Coachella 2015: Kylie Jenner puts on raunchy show with Hailey Baldwin while  Kendall looks on - Mirror Online
Gigi Hadid At Coachella Day 2 Wearing Kim Shui - HADIDSCLOSET
Our friendship bracelets come in bundles so you can easily elevate your festival attire, personalize your outfit with sentimental pieces and recreate these iconic looks! 
Bali Friendship bracelets festival stacks
If you're on the hunt for your timeless, every-lasting summer bracelet stack, The Love Is Project has you covered. Embrace your favourite birth chart elements with our Fire, Earth, Air or Water designs! Or why not buy a one of our friendship bracelet bundlesso you and your group can match? Or get your group personalised bracelets based on their astrological sign? 
The best part is that with every purchase you are supporting the female artisans from all over the world who pour love into every piece. 
   Bali Friendship Bracelet - Sunset Lovina
Our friendship bracelets will last you a lifetime of festival seasons, carrying and embodying the love put into every product made.
Happy festival season from everyone at Love Is Project!

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