Our Story of Love

As we expanded our bracelet production, we headed to the exotic island of Bali, known for its rich and vibrant history in textiles & craftsmanship. Our story love continues to thread around the world, and we carefully incorporate symbolic design elements from Kenya into the new Bali bracelets.

Silver Story

The circular dots on the bracelets traditionally symbolize rice in Balinese culture. Rice & LOVE are both plentiful and provide sustenance to communities. The dots also emulate the Maasai beads in the original design of the Kenya LOVE bracelet. This is a conscious design decision to thread the concept thru new iterations of the LOVE bracelet.

The Process

5 women artisans from Bulling Village, Bali make our Silver LOVE bracelets and each takes 4 to 7 hours to make.

Love Is Project artisan in bali making the love bracelets

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