Georgina Goodwin is a contributor to Getty Images and her work has been published in the New York Times, Vogue, Elle and AFP. As an East African photojournalist, Georgina normally covers heavy topics, such as FGM, fistula, and humanitarian crises.


What does love mean to me? Such a huge and wonderful question! It means connection, comfort and safety, a place of belonging—home. Knowing there is something out there—LOVE—that is so perfect and also so imperfect at the same time, challenges me to be the best person I can be.

I love my work—my photographs—as it’s a way to connect with people, to travel the world with the purpose of experiencing, hearing, and sharing stories of people and the environment. I love vibrant color, so my photographs are always full of color!

One of my favorite memories of working with Love Is Project is when Chrissie had this incredible idea to have Maasai and Samburu jumping on a trampoline wearing LOVE bracelets. She actually found a huge trampoline and lugged it to the Ngong Hills just outside Nairobi where we did the most fun photoshoot capturing beautiful Samburu men dressed in their traditional shuka (blanket) and mchanga (beads) jumping on a trampoline for the very first time in their lives! Their faces
were priceless!

The Samburu (and Maasai) are known for their jumping skills. When these very happy men came back down to the ground and tried to jump off the earth again, they were dismayed at how hard they found it to get any lift after experiencing what was possible on the trampoline. What a day!

I’m a passionate Aries born in Nairobi, Kenya – it’s my country, my home and my huge LOVE. In my mid-20s, I bought my first decent camera and started feeling the need to create. That need has developed into a successful and wonderful career over the last 12 years. It was while on a job, in the deepest Tanzanian bush, that I met my husband. My work took me to a place where I found the person I had been waiting for my whole life. I LOVE color, I LOVE new experiences, I LOVE the access photography allows me to our world—to travel, to hear and to share the stories of the people I meet and the places I see. It’s a privilege to have the life I lead.

In 2017, I was lucky enough to visit Love Is Project artisan, Ann, and her community of Maasai women in a remote village outside of Olepolos, located over the Ngong Hills in Kenya. We toured her new house in her manyatta, which is literally a home that LOVE built for her and her family. I heard firsthand how we’ve changed thousands of lives by providing stable jobs during drought years, allowing families to pay school fees for children and invest in other income generating projects.

For Ann, love is being together and sharing everything. I left them with photos and touching stories from customers all over the world who wear their LOVE bracelets with pride. These moments remind me that we’re creating much more than just a bracelet. Love is community.

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