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Meet Sean Dekkers

January 08, 2020 2 min read

Sean Dekkers is a human-centered product designer and director bringing over a decade of transdisciplinary design experience with an expertise in product discovery, product development, design research and prototyping for digital and physical products. He has held design lead roles at Google, IDEO, McKinsey, and Visa.
One of my fondest experiences contributing to Love is Project was over two weeks of traveling with Chrissie to photograph artisan groups and nuns in the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Bhutan is a paradise for those seeking intrigue, authenticity and a trip off the beaten path. Its natural beauty and preserved tradition make for an explorer’s dream, while the backdrop of mountaintops adorned with prayer flags makes the experience nothing short of magical. From elaborate spiritual ceremonies in the public square to intimate gatherings of the home, Bhutan is rich with tradition and craft that is on full display. From the moment you set foot into the country, you are completely immersed in tradition in a way that feels completely unique.

Visiting Bhutan is a little like having a time machine. Every aspect of their culture has been preserved and done just as it has been done for the last thousand years. Bhutan has resisted the temptation to change and you can see it in every aspect of their culture. From traditional dress to wood carvings and ornate fabrics meticulously crafted by hand, Bhutan embodies reverence which is proudly on display in its temples, villages, and mountaintops.
Besides being one of the few hidden treasures left in the world today, the warmth of its people is what makes it a unique and special place. I think everyone needs to experience Bhutan once in their life. Just as we all have transformational moments that leave us forever changed, Bhutan will change you and forever leave you seeing the world in a slightly different light. Bhutan was this for me, and being able to explore it with nuns, families, Chrissie, and Love is Project made it one of the most transformational trips that I’ve ever taken.

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