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Meet Sara Davis

September 06, 2017 1 min read

Meet Sara Davis. She is one of the talented photographers who captures magical moments of love for LOVE IS PROJECT.
I knew that I wanted to be a photographer when I was 16. My photo teacher, Pam Teorey, saw something special in me and encouraged me to foster that talent. My parents built me a darkroom in our basement where I spent countless hours processing the film that I had shot on my SLR. This love and support pushed me to continue my photo studies at College of Charleston and then further my education at Speos Photographic Institute in Paris. It was these formative years that gave me the confidence to continue in the field. I have since been employed as a creative photographer at, eBay Enterprise, and Stitch Fix. I've now been in the fashion photography industry for over a decade and I feel I am just at the beginning of my career. I can't wait to see where my creativity and passion for light and images takes me. I am so excited to be photographing 'authentic love relationships' for The LoveIsProject. Chrissie is a joy to work with and I hope that my images help to promote the brand and the women in which it serves.

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"To me, love is seeing the beauty that exists in everyone and fostering that beauty to shine." 

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