Just in time for Valentine’s Day,
we’re launching our newest collection from India.
Last month, we introduced you to our Bhutan Happiness collection. Barely a month later, we’re launching our second collection of 2018, inspired by the colors and culture of India. If it feels like a whirlwind of launches to you, don’t worry: It also felt like a whirlwind of travel, creation, and inspiration to us too.
beautiful gold bracelets hand made by artisans from bali with intricate detail love is project

After leaving beautiful Bhutan, we departed for a week in India. First up: Delhi, where the sky is permanently glowing with an orange haze. Roads are a free-for-all affair, crowded with cows, goats, auto rickshaws, cars, motorbikes, and street sellers all competing for space.

love is project bracelet made by artisans from india

We made our way through the chaos to the Janpath market, which was chock-full of inspirations for our newest collection, from a set of multicolor beads mixed with gold and silver (reflecting the colors of India mixed with sequins in saris) to our own guide’s technicolor strings delicately tied around his wrist. Turns out they were holy, blessed by priests at temples in Varanasi, a holy city where people go to cremate their dead.

love is project goes to india supporting artisans all over the world

These lovely string bracelets are commonly worn as a source of protection, good fortune, and health—and we knew we needed to seek them out. After a wild goose chase through the many markets of Rajasthan, our search culminated at a shop in the blue city of Jodphur, colored to keep buildings cool during the scorching summer months.

holi festival in india with love is project bracelets
Color is delightfully pervasive in India—bold and bright, you can find it everywhere from buildings to saris, and it always has a meaning. Jodhpur’s blues, Jaipur’s pinks, and the Holi festival’s technicolor powders were particular sources of inspiration for this collection, though all of these colors make an appearance:

  • Orange: Symbolizes the protective powers of Hanoman
  • Green and yellow: They are said to bring fame and health, courtesy of  the sun god Surya
  • Pink: The Goddess Gaudi imparts overall wealth and health
  • Black: The color of Lord Bhairav, a protector
  • Blue: Another symbol of protection
  • Purple: A purifying color
  • Red and yellow: Together, they symbolize Jupiter and wealth
love is project india collection and holi powder for fun under the sun



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