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Power Chakra - Growth Green Garnet (Set of 3)

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Our new Bali stacks are made with precious rocks. Layered with our woven bracelets, they not only make a fun fashion statement, but will keep you grounded and improve your mood.

Cleanse your chakras with our Green Garnet bracelet stack. These powerful beads will improve your overall well being, increase your self-esteem, give you a more positive outlook on life, and more! Green Garnets also help heal your body through detoxifying blood and regenerating cells.

  • Symbol of love and friendship
  • Balances energy 
  • Alleviates inflammation 

Stack of 3 bracelets delivered in one LOVE pouch

  • Delicate woven friendship embedded with stones
  • Grossular Green Garnet stone bracelets
  • Woven slide bracelets