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Beaded Unity Rings Bracelet


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From Kenya Beaded Unity Rings Bracelet, actually a bangle set

The five interlocking rings that have become synonymous with the games were designed as a symbol of unity, representing the five continents. Our Beaded Unity Rings Bracelet celebrates this international emblem on a smaller scale, with handcrafted beadwork by the Samburu tribe in Kenya.

In 2020 there will be no meetings from Tokyo to Paris and Los Angeles, to celebrate the  athletes from around the world, let's celebrate the unity of humanities in spirit and in LOVE.

  • Handmade with LOVE in Kenya .
  • Comes with a protective cloth pouch, gift tag & sticker
  • 100% waterproof
  • diameter 2.5 inches, on the petite side
  • every bracelet is unique & hand-made
  • as seen on The View


This is where Love Is Project began. In Kenya, the Original LOVE bracelet was created in partnership with the Maasi and Samburu tribes to symbolize bravery, strength, and unity in this beautiful community.

Your purchase will help to greatly improve the lives of these artisans and their families through education, political participation, financial independence, and healthcare access, as well as new program development to respond to crisises like Covid-19.

  • Jobs have been provided for over 1,400 artisans
  • 54% are the sole breadwinners in their households
  • 25% of children enrolled in the local school have benefitted from Love Is Project
  • 100% of our artisans are able to afford regular access to water

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