Our vision for 2020 is clear: keep spreading LOVE far and wide. This year, we’re telling the story of Love is Project as it has never been told before, all while encouraging our supporters to carry the ripple effect into their communities by developing a daily practice of LOVE. 

The Greatest Love Story Ever Told Photo Book - Love Is Project

The Greatest Love Story Ever Told
Thanks to over 260 Kickstarter backers, our debut book, The Greatest Love Story Ever Told, will be available on our website just in time for Valentine’s Day. The Greatest Love Story Ever Told chronicles founder, Chrissie Lam’s, quest around the world to find the answer to the question: What does love mean to you? Spanning over 50 countries and hundreds of conversations, the book includes stories of romance, familial bonds, triumph, everyday spontaneity, acceptance, and dreaming big. The profiles of the people in this book humanize different cultures around the world, illuminating the unifying power of love in all its many forms. 

The vibe of the book is National Geographic meets United Colors of Benetton meets Humans of New York. It’s filled cover to cover with vibrant photography and definitions of love from around the world. It also tells the unique story of how Love Is Project came to be--from one bracelet and a conversation about love with strangers, to an international brand that has touched the lives of over 1,200 artisans in 10 countries. We hope our story will inspire readers to foster deeper, more meaningful connections, and to live their lives with hearts wide open.

Proceeds from The Greatest Love Story Ever Told will fund more partnerships with female artisan collectives, leading to fair wages, steady employment, financial empowerment and more educational opportunities for women in underserved communities.
Spread the Love deck of cards - Love Is Project

LOVE is in the Cards
Love is Project is driven by the idea that something as small and modest as a bracelet, can change the lives of millions. Our new Love Is Project deck of cards guides the deck holder and any participants on a journey of introspection and connection.

The deck includes cards that fall within various themes: romance, family, creativity, community, freedom, and much more. Each card in the deck can be used as an icebreaker to facilitate new conversations, add depth and meaning to conversations with loved ones, or even serve as inspiration for personal reflection. Some cards in the deck are also action-oriented, containing prompts that encourage new habits and new ways of thinking. 

Our hope is that the activities and conversations that come from these cards create opportunities for deeper self-knowledge and more impactful connection with others--and that the result is a more purposeful, positive and uplifting experience for all. 


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