I first traveled to Bali 16 years ago, and fell in love with its feminine energy, beautiful landscape, and kind people. With healthy eating options aplenty, yoga and outdoor activities, tropical sunshine, and expat entrepreneur scene, I knew it was my paradise on Earth. In 2015, I waved goodbye to the concrete jungle of New York, and made my home in the lush jungles of Ubud. Whether you’re planning a trip, considering a move, or just letting yourself fall headfirst into serious wanderlust, here’s my guide to making the most of Bali.
Stay: Bambu Indah is a world unto its own. This boutique hotel and home of famed eco-entrepreneurs, John & Cynthia Hardy, is comprised of 11 Javanese bridal homes hidden in a lush forest, bamboo bungalows tucked by the riverside, a glass pagoda and authentic Sumba island style house which resembles a straw Dr. Seuss hat. 

Home is where the Hartland is, over looking the Sayan Ridge. This 2 acre magical villa is truly a home away from home

At Locavore, you guessed it: Classically trained chefs make the most of the island’s exceptional produce in whimsical dishes like Eggplant in Disguise. 

Pray: Rinse away bad spirits under showers of holy water, and receive blessings from a Hindu priest at Tirta Empul Water Temple. It’s literally unforgettable. 

Chase Waterfalls: Explore Bali’s magical northern countryside and literally climb, repel and jump off waterfalls on Adventure & Spirit’s exceptional tours.

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Meditate: Stop by Yoga Barn for a Tibetan bowl meditation, where the ancient sounds of singing bowls are used to send you into a transcendent state.

Get Creative: At Gaya Ceramics for locally-produced pottery, or try your hand at making your during a Throwing Thursday class.

Steam: Take a leisurely late-night lemongrass-scented steam in magical rice paddies at Dragonfly Village. Visit the fire pits in between trips to the pool.

Explore: Experience the wall-less jungle campus made for sustainable learning at the Green School, and visit well-crafted sustainable bamboo homes at the Green Village just a short walk from the school.

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Shop: Bali is home to some of the coolest fashions and brands. Here are some of my favorites...
Quarzia - Pick up a flowy hand made silk batik in silk caftan.
Tradisi - Support indigenous artisans by purchasing handwoven and hand drawn batik fabric from the islands of Indonesia. All profits are spent on community projects.
WE-AR. Sustainable brand - This sustainable yoga and leisure wear brand has the answers to all your needs.
Magali Pascal - French designer in Bali with endless lace and diaphanous creations.
Prisoners of St. Petersburg. - Bold and graphic prints and eclectic finds reflect designer Pete's travels and well honed eye. 

Work: Co-work at Hubud. Surround yourself with a growing number of international digital nomads. 

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