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Love Is Project Face Masks

At Love Is Project, we believe that wearing a mask is the ultimate act of LOVE.

Protect yourself and your community from the spread of viruses while supporting our artisans in Bali, Indonesia.

The  Aloha  Collection adds a bit of color to our new reality with a variety of lush, island-inspired patterns.

The Montauk Collection aims to capture the essence of an East Coast summer with fabrics inspired by long, beach-filled weekends, breezy coastal vineyards, and pastel sunsets.  

Each mask in the Aloha and Montauk Collections is reusable and machine washable so as to reduce waste.

Choose from fabric ties or elastic closures for maximum protection and comfort.

Don't forget to order for your Kids too.

All of our masks feature side pockets for inserting a filter of your choice.

Additional BLAS microbial face mask filters are also available for purchase.

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